The Troca Creed

Troca is more than a mobile application or social network, it is a COMMUNITY. There is an old saying that Only the strong survive. Well we tend to disagree. In our eyes, only those that can leverage the value of others survive. Troca is built on the core belief that through exchange and interaction, everyone has the ability to create value, learn, and grow from one another. Exchange allows us to build trust and find unknown commonality between those that we encounter on a daily basis. The Internet and social networking platforms continue to bring people together in unprecedented ways, but at the same time, we have become a society of isolation and loneliness. Through exchange, Troca aims to leverage current technology in order to maximize the value and impact an individual can have on others. Simply stated, Troca is about people helping people. With Troca, you have the ability to positively affect lives and enrich your own. Lets impact the world, one exchange at a time.