Troca Tuesday

Troca Tuesday targets customers that want a voice in determining the value of the products and services they utilize, specifically working professionals between the ages of 18-34.

Why bars? Why happy hour? Why Tuesday?

We at Troca love bars and believe they represent true community and social interaction. In today’s economy, people are constantly looking for value and happy hours continue to be a great way for bars and restaurants to increase their revenue and customer-base, but even the best bars struggle to attract patrons during the beginning of the week and that is where Troca Tuesday comes in!


  1. Sign up for Troca Tuesday
  2. Troca Promotes the event
  3. Through out the week, barter with patrons on the Troca app
  4. Patrons present the Troca app for food or drink at the bar
  5. Patrons enjoy a unique bar experience
  6. They share their experience with friends & family
  7. Repeat as often as you'd like

If you are a bar that would like to sign up, reach out to us at Please provide us with up to 3 photos that show how awesome your are, while letting us know how you would like us to craft your Troca Tuesday message. Then, sit back and let Troca push traffic to your business and strengthen relationships with your patrons!

Members of the Troca Community, be on the look out for the bars that have joined the Troca Tuesday movement.